FLASH TALK – How Certification and Regulations achieve and deliver Sustainability goals (EASA 1)


Thursday 21 March

10:00am - 10:25am


Indra Theatre


Session Overview

Pitch: The public have real expectations for aviation when it comes to sustainability. It is important to achieve the highest possible, uniform level of environmental protection in the field of aviation, which includes reducing noise, improving air quality and mitigating climate change. Europe is committed to implementing the different aspects of the ICAO Basket of Measures at European Level through initiatives like the Sustainable Aviation and ReFuelEU Aviation Programmes. The European Aviation Environmental Report (EAER) also helps to keep track of progress and set future goals. The safe implementation of the technological improvements that can deliver sustainability relies on certification approaches keeping pace with the industry. EASA is investing a huge amount of resources so that the industry knows what they need to aim for to bring new products to market.

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