ATM System Test Tool


Tuesday 19 March

3:00pm - 3:25pm


Indra Theatre


Session Overview

HungaroControl explains why automated ATM system regression testing is an industry milestone achievement and why it is believed that it could revolutionize development and deployment processes. The presentation introduces how – after years of R&D – HungaroControl managed to make automated ATM system testing a reality.
It introduces why the ATM system software testing is important and what problems the ANSP, integrator and manufacturer companies face during testing.
It summarizes the advantages of automated testing based on end-user use cases that takes into account the business aspects of the end-user compared to manual testing.
It delves into a user story i.e. how HungaroControl developed the automated test tool and how it is used operationally, presented through its own example.
The focus is on how an automated test tool can benefit ANSPs integrator and manufacturers companies during their development and implementation procedures.

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