Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM): Shaping the Air Mobility of the Future

CANSO’s Senior Manager, Future Skies, Dr. Eduardo Garcia, and Dr Vassilis Agouridas, Leader of the UAM Initiative Cities Community (UIC2), introduces one of the key themes to be explored at Airspace World 2024, the Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility

The future of air mobility will be unveiled at Airspace World 2024, in Geneva from 19 to 21 March when the Urban Air Mobility-UAM- Initiative Cities Community, known as UIC2, and CANSO partner to introduce the Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) thematic track. This collaborative initiative promises a diverse array of discussions, dialogue, and insights, all aligned with the overarching theme of Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) – Shaping the Air Mobility of the Future.

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is on the brink of revolutionising aviation, ushering in a highly automated and collaborative environment. This transformation will be powered by cutting-edge technologies such as automated traffic management, digital ecosystems, sustainable solutions, new aircraft designs, advanced communications, and evolving infrastructure. AAM services will encompass passenger transport, cargo delivery, and a multitude of aerial services, benefitting communities in urban, regional, and international contexts.

AAM holds the potential to enhance intermodal transportation, promote sustainability, and elevate the quality of life, safety, and security for citizens. The Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility provides a clear roadmap for harnessing this potential, breaking down the journey into incremental steps. The first step focuses on foundational elements, including the development of enabling technologies and the validation of their use in various scenarios. As we progress, AAM serves as a testing ground for the integration of autonomy and artificial intelligence into the air traffic management system, aiming for a unified system that optimises efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

At Airspace World 2024, the Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility will showcase a diverse range of presentations and panel discussions, which are poised to be pivotal in steering the overarching discourse on AAM during the event. Notably, it will include three high-level panels expertly organised by UIC2 and CANSO, each dedicated to key facets of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM):

  1. The Era of AAM – Advancing Intermodal and Electrified Transport: This panel explores perspectives of sustainable mobility with AAM, emphasising electrified transport, the potential of electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) technologies, intermodal connectivity and infrastructure.
  2. AAM Vision Panel – Scaling Up Operations: This panel delves into scaling up AAM operations, addressing demand, airspace and infrastructure readiness, and specific use cases.
  3. Next-Level Governance of AAM – Co-Creating the Future: The third panel focuses on co-creating agile and resilient governance schemes, highlighting top-down and bottom-up approaches, and the necessary skills and capacity-building for public authorities.

Airspace World 2024 is a dynamic exploration of the future of our skies. UIC2 and CANSO invite all participants to be part of the journey towards Advanced Air Mobility. Join us in shaping the future of air mobility. Stay tuned for speaker announcements, and let’s co-create the air mobility of the future together!