Don’t waste a Wednesday at Airspace World

Airspace World is in full swing, and all our speakers and exhibitors are stepping up to the challenge of keeping our attendees engaged and informed. As ever, there is a full programme of sessions at the five theatres. Here are just a few highlights:

10:00-10:25am Wing Theatre

Electronic Conspicuity, the Roadblock to AAM

A complete picture of airspace is necessary for the safety of all users. The concept of sharing position data is called Electronic Conspicuity. Traditionally, this is done with ADS-B systems but not all aircraft can or choose to use ADS-B. This session will look at UTM, designed to be  a comprehensive EC system capable of supporting various types of flight plans and flight tracking systems.

10:30-11:20am Boeing Theatre

Solving a Decades-Old Problem: Dynamic Civil-Military Airspace Sharing

A US company is looking to facilitate civil-military cooperation. Its solution – called Dynamic Airspace Sharing – provides tools to military range commanders, air traffic controllers and flights dispatchers. The aim is to achieve notable reductions in flight times, operating expenses and CO2 emissions.

1:00-1:50pm Indra Theatre

Securing our Skies: Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges

Increasing digitalisation means an increasing cybersecurity challenge.  Participants in this panel will explore the latest emerging technologies relevant to aviation, and discuss the measures, strategies, and collaborative efforts required to fortify the integrity of our airspace systems. 

2:30-2:55pm Future Skies Theatre

Enabling Reasonable Autonomy for Emphatic AI Agents in ATM through Large Language Models

Large Language Models (LLMs) have the potential to shape aviation’s future. LLMs can function as reasoning engines, self-deciding agents and human-machine interfaces on a variety of fields, such as ATCO workflows, airline operations and U-space services. Learn how these models ingest relevant data and output informed answers.

4:00-4:25pm Frequentis Theatre

The Power of Sharing: Operational Benefits of Convergence

Find out how advanced digital technology is driving a convergence between airport and tower operations. This promises several advantages, including enhanced situational awareness, an increased time horizon for decision-making and optimisation of airport capacity.