DFS Aviation Services and SITA revolutionize Air Traffic Management with new AMAN/DMAN solution

DFS Aviation Services (DAS) and SITA have announced a collaboration to develop a coupled Arrival Manager (AMAN) and Departure Manager (DMAN) solution. This strategic partnership, aligned with the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between the two entities, aims to revolutionize air traffic management and enhance operational efficiency at airports worldwide.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to optimize outbound and inbound traffic, maximizing runway throughput and utilization, particularly at airports with mixed mode operations. By integrating DAS’s ATC procedure expertise with SITA’s ground movement knowledge and A- CDM capability, the coupled AMAN/DMAN solution promises to streamline flight operations and improve coordination among approach, tower controllers, and apron management staff. This collaborative initiative ensures that the coupled AMAN/DMAN solution meets the diverse needs of both airspace and ground operations.

“With our combined strengths, we are ready to deliver an innovative solution,” said Andreas Pötzsch, Managing Director from DAS. “Our goal is to achieve ICAO ASBU compliancy and set new standards for flight efficiency and coordination.”

“The development of this solution is a testament to our commitment to innovation and collaboration,” stated Peter Drummond, Vice President Airports, from SITA. “By working closely with experts and users from both systems, we are developing a product that improves airport operations and enhances the overall airport experience.”