CANSO and EUROAVIA partner to promote European cooperation through education, dialogue, and outreach

CANSO and EUROAVIA have signed a partnership at Airspace World 2024 aimed at attracting young professionals to the Air Traffic Management (ATM) industry.

The organisations agreed to collaborate in a number of areas including hosting joint workshops to educate young people about the ATM industry, facilitating networking opportunities, and creating internships and careers fairs.

“We are delighted that CANSO has signed an MOU with EUROAVIA – the European Association of Aerospace Students. This agreement strengthens our commitment to creating a pipeline of talent that will deliver our future skies” said Simon Hocquard, Director General, CANSO.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with CANSO at Airspace World 2024. This presents a unique opportunity for EUROAVIA to build a stronger relationship with the Air Traffic Management sector alongside CANSO, a key driver in the sector’s development,” added Leo Buchner, President, EUROAVIA.

Together, EUROAVIA and CANSO are starting by organising career fairs/industry days, joint workshops, seminars, or webinars with the aim of fostering knowledge exchange and professional development among the members of both parties.

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