Airspace World lines up Terrific Tuesday

Your highlights for Tuesday 19 March

One of the key attractions for the many thousands who will attend this year’s Airspace World in Geneva, Switzerland, on 19-21 March, is the wide array of discussions, debates, and keynote talks that will be held in the event’s five theatres.

In the months leading up to Airspace World, the event’s content team has been creating a programme that tackles the vital issues facing the ATM industry today, and the ways it can be further managed to meet the needs of a growing number of crewed and uncrewed airspace users, and defining their needs for future skies.

The more that 235 sessions will cover an exciting array of topics including:

  • Innovation and digital transformation in ATM
  • Reimaging ATM operations
  • Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)
  • Turning the Skies Green
  • Strengthening Resilience in ATM
  • Global safety and security
  • Fostering a Thriving Aviation community
  • Unleashing the Potential of Drones

Here’s a pick of some of the highlights on day one of Airspace World, Tuesday 19 March. For details of all the sessions, take a look at the full conference agenda.

The Skies of Tomorrow: How AI is Transforming Air Traffic Management

10:00-10:50, Frequentis Theatre

In this panel, thought leaders will explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can revolutionise Air Traffic Management (ATM). Discover how AI-driven solutions are transforming airspace management, optimising traffic flows, enhancing safety, and reducing environmental impact. Gain insights into the challenges, benefits, and future prospects of AI implementation in ATM and UTM and learn how this technology is paving the way for a smarter, more efficient aviation ecosystem.

Crisis Management in Air Traffic Management: Ensuring Business Continuity

10:00-10:50, Indra Theatre

In this panel, eminent leaders from across the ATM industry will explore the strategies, technologies, innovations and protocols that underpin the seamless flow of air traffic and, crucially, the measures in place to respond effectively to unexpected disruptions and crises.

They will discuss Traffic Management Strategies, Crisis Preparedness, Business Continuity Planning, Technology and Innovation, and Collaborative Efforts.

Seamless Cross-Border ATM Operations

12:00-12:50, Boeing Theatre

In this panel discussion, leaders from the aviation industry will delve into the complex world of international regulatory harmonisation and agreements aimed at achieving seamless cross-border Air Traffic Management (ATM) operations. Participants will explore the critical role of collaboration among nations and organisations in streamlining cross-border airspace management. The panel will assess the challenges, enablers (e.g. hyper-connectivity), and future prospects of harmonisation efforts, highlighting the importance of global cooperation for enhancing the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of international aviation operations.

AI and Autonomy in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

12:00-12:50, Wing Theatre

In this panel discussion, industry experts will explore the convergence of AI and autonomy in advanced air mobility (AAM). Join the conversation to talk about emerging UTM and AAM use cases and examine the significant advantages, gaps, and challenges associated with deploying AI and autonomous systems in UTM/AAM operations.

The European ATM Master Plan campaign – Establishing Europe as the most efficient and environmentally-friendly sky to fly in the world

15:00-15:50, Future Skies Theatre

The new European ATM Master Plan, to be adopted at the end of 2024, will set the vision and prioritise the digital solutions needed to deliver the Digital European Sky, with the goal of establishing Europe as the most efficient and environmentally-friendly sky to fly in the world. This session will provide an update on progress so far in relation to each of the key success criteria for the Master Plan campaign.