Speaker Bio

Reinaldo Negron

Wing and GUTMA Co-President

Head of UTM

Reinaldo Negron is the Head of UTM for Wing, leading product development for UTM and Operator applications; UTM integration activities in the U.S., Australia and Europe, including how UTM services can provide SORA mitigations reducing operator risk; standards development including at ASTM; and fostering industry collaboration such as the InterUSS Open Source project. Reinaldo brings the perspective of an operator, service provider and manufacturer, and engages regularly with a broad range of stakeholders including ICAO, CANSO, CAAs and ANSPs, Federal, State and Local law enforcement as well as hobbyist and commercial UAS pilots and operators. He is a passionate advocate for the emerging UAS ecosystem and the role that UTM can play in accelerating access to the sky.
Prior to Wing, Reinaldo developed technical solutions for large scale advertising clients at Google. He also spent nearly a decade designing air traffic management systems at Lockheed Martin – including integrated Arrival, Departure and Surface Management; Airport Collaborative Decision Making; and R&D in Collaborative Air Traffic Management focused on airspace constraint management and airline planning strategies.