Speaker Bio

Nicki Harricharan


National Traffic Management Officer CARF and ATO Space Operations

Nicki Harricharan’s professional career spans over 15 years across various departments and positions within the FAA. It started as an Air Traffic Controller at the Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZDC) then to the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZNY) as a Front Line Manager, where she led a team of controllers with precision and oversight. In 2016, she transferred to the Severe Weather Unit at the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC), assuming the role of a National Traffic Management Specialist (NTMS). In this capacity, she meticulously analyzed data and traffic flow constraints, implementing strategic traffic management initiatives to effectively manage demand within the National Airspace System (NAS). She facilitated the seamless movement of air traffic during various events, including adverse weather conditions, Presidential movements, and rocket launches. Her most recent role involved overseeing the Central Altitude Reservation Function (CARF) Unit and Space Operations. Here, she orchestrated the integration of rocket launches into the NAS, skillfully coordinating and processing both military and civilian altitude reservation (ALTRV) requests for domestic and international airspace.