Speaker Bio

Midori Tanino

Federal Aviation Administration

FAA ATO International, Global ATM Program Manager

Ms. Tanino currently leads the CADENA initiative as the FAA Program Manager. CADENA implements the regional ATFM/CDM and airspace optimization in the Latin Americas and Caribbean region. She also serves CANSO Aviation Data Exchange Network for Cooperative Excellence (CADENCE) Task Force as a co-chair. In the past, she led the initial deployment of Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM) and FAA Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS). She is the original creator of many ATFM decision support tools such as Flight Schedule Monitor (FSM), Flight Schedule Analyzer (FSA), Route Management Tool (RMT), Airport Arrival Demand Chart (AADC), and OpsNet. She also leads the ICAO’s Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) implementation efforts in FAA and ICAO North America, Central America, and Caribbean (NACC) region.