Speaker Bio

Holly King


Sr. International Representative

Holly King is a Sr. International Representative with the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization for Africa, Europe and the Middle East. She has over twenty years of experience as an Air Traffic Controller working for the FAA, DOD and the U.S. Air Force. Since 2019, she has managed the International Airspace and Procedures Support group for Oakland Center Oceanic (KZAK) Flight Information Region (FIR), routinely engaging with Civil Aviation Authorities throughout the Asia Pacific Region, such as Japan, Philippines, and Indonesia. In addition, she regularly coordinates with Australia, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Nadi, and Canada, all of which share a common FIR boundary with KZAK. Holly’s expertise of the NAS includes air traffic control systems, air traffic management, and air traffic flow management projects to improve and promote safety and efficiency of day-to day operations. She has been instrumental in facilitating ATS Inter-facility Data Communication (AIDC) implementation with foreign neighboring Air Navigation Service Providers and has also worked at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) headquarters through her participation in the ICAO Separation and Airspace Safety Panel (SASP). She has an extensive background in Space Operations with experience in commercial as well as government related activity. She has also been a representative for the FAA in the Informal Pacific ATC Coordinating Group (IPACG) and the Informal South Pacific Air Traffic Services Coordinating Group (ISPACG) with adjacent FIRs, IATA and airline representatives to ensure harmonization of procedures and improved efficiencies in routes resulting in decreased flight time and cost savings.