Speaker Bio

Dragos Tonea


Head of iNEO - Integration of New Entrants in European ATM Network Operations

” Dragos Tonea is the Head of EUROCONTROL’s Strategic Programme for integrating new entrants in the European ATM network. With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years, from active operations to international cooperation in the field of research and global harmonisation of operational procedures, he is a leading ATM expert and experienced manager.

Nominated by EUROCONTROL to ICAO’s ATMOPS panel, he chaired it from 2015 to 2023. As panel Chair, he coordinated the successful delivery of global guidance related to civil-military cooperation in ATM and ATFM.
Dragos led the effort to write the European Concept of Operations for Higher Airspace and is currently the Coordinator of Europe’s leading industrial research project for Higher Airspace Operations (ECHO2).