Speaker Bio

Anna Granberg


Director Operations

Anna Granberg is Director Operations at Swedish ANSP LFV since July 2022. Area of responsibility includes all Swedish military airports, all Swedish state owned airports (Swedavia airports), RTC Stockholm and Flight Planning Centre.

She was Head of air traffic control at all the Swedish military airports from 2014 to July 2022.

Her first position in 1992 was as an air traffic controller at Vidsel Test Range. The test range is a Swedish strategic national test and evaluation asset operated by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), a part of the Swedish Ministry of Defence. The majority of her career has been at Norrbotten Wing, a Swedish Air Force wing with located in northern Sweden. Norrbotten wing has two operational squadrons of JAS 39 Gripen. During the time as an air traffic controller she has always worked both tower and approach. Anna has from the early 90s been an reserve officer in the Military Air Force.