Speaker Bio

Ahmed Al Jallaf


Director General, Air Navigation Services

Ahmed Al Jallaf is the Assistant Director General Air Navigation Services at the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority. He was amongst the first UAE nationals to validate as an Air Traffic Controller in 2000. Ahmed holds an MSc degree in Aviation Safety Management. He has led many successful projects. The most notable is the UAE Airspace Restructuring Project implemented in 2017, which resulted in a significant increase in airspace capacity to cater to future global air traffic demands. He was awarded the prestigious 2018 Aviation Executive of the Year Award at the Aviation Business Awards. In 2019, he completed the “Impactful Leaders Program” from the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Leadership Development (MBRCLD), whose vision is to “create leaders for tomorrow.” His passion for aviation drives him to innovate and constantly aim to raise the bar in this field. He is the Chairman of the UAE National Airspace Advisory Committee, GCC Air Navigation Committee, and the ICAO MID Air Navigation Planning & Implementation Group.