Speaker Bio

Stuart Ratcliffe


Product Manager

Stuart Ratcliffe – Product Manager Aerion Mr. Ratcliffe is an experienced operational specialist (45 years) in Air Traffic Management (ATM), Air Traffic Flow Management and Collaborative Decision Making (ATFM/CDM). He has international experience in a variety of regions across the globe, namely: USA, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia, Middle East, China, and Latin America. Stuart has had extensive experience in implementing ATFM systems, developing and presenting ATFM/CDM training courses in many of the countries mentioned above. He is the Co-Chair of the CANSO ATFM/A-CDM Work Group and represents CANSO on ICAO Workgroups and other ATFM forums. Prior to his specialization in ATFM he was an active Air Traffic Controller (Tower, Approach and En-route - radar/procedural) for 25 years, holding positions of acting ATC Centre management and Area/Approach/Tower managerial positions at an international airport.