Speaker Bio

Stephen P. Creamer

Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO


Steve Creamer has served as Director of the Air Navigation Bureau at ICAO since April 2015. Steve began his career in air traffic operations and is a private pilot. Steve previously held a number of executive and managerial positions at the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration with over 33 years’ experience in the Air Traffic and International Aviation organizations. He served as a member of the ICAO Air Navigation Commission as well. At ICAO, he is responsible for delivery of safety and air navigation strategic outcomes, integrating security and environmental requirements into developing ICAO SARPs and PANS. During his tenure, ICAO has kept pace with industry developments with innovative and engaging symposia, specialized workgroups and now remote conferencing to help Member States and industry stakeholders tackle complex challenges like safe carriage of lithium batteries, safe digital connectivity of safety systems, new remote flying technology, enhanced runway safety procedures and enhanced aircraft tracking systems, among many others.