Speaker Bio

Sigrun Matthes



Dr. Sigrun Matthes works for DLR since 1998 in the department of Earth-System Modelling. She has more than 20 years experience in atmospheric modelling of transport emissions and climate-chemistry-simulations for projections for future development. She has been the coordinator of the FP6 Network of Excellence ECATS (2005-2012), of the FP7 Collaborative Project REACT4C (2010-2014), and the SESAR-ER projects ATM4E (2016-2018) and FlyATM4E (2020-2022). She is currently coordinating the EU Horizon2020 project ACACIA (2020-2023) on advancing knowledge on non-CO2 effects of aviation and the German LuFo project D-KULT (2022-2025) on eco-efficient aircraft trajectories. She is acting as chair and working group leader of ECATS International Association for sustainable aviation. She is involved in national and European Aeronautics projects on sustainable aviation and airport air quality impacts and maintains linkages to European and International stakeholders, e.g. ECATS Programme Committee, ANERS Committee (Aviation Noise and Emission Reduction Symposium).