Speaker Bio

Maurizio Romano


SESAR 2020 pj10.w2 Sol 93 Leader

Maurizio Romano has over 14 years’ experience in Real Time Simulations “RTS” as a “Scenario Designer” within the ATM context. He worked with the Concept of Operation (ConOps) applied at the beginning in the European programme 6th Framework Programme then in SESAR and nowadays in SESAR 2020 framework context, with the responsibility of to coordinate the VMG (Validation Management Group) and to properly coordinate all RTS activities. In SESAR 1 Maurizio involved as OFA coordinator for ASAS S&M management the Concept of Operation of ASAS S&M in the ATM context and the responsible for the preparation of Experimental /Validation Design in ENAV Experimental Centre for SESAR Framework. (SESAR Best Release Exercise 2012 and 2014 for ASAS S&M EXE199 and I4D Operation in TMA environment Integrated and Pre-Operational Validation & Cross Validation EXE 805). In SESAR 2020 Wave 1 Maurizio was the Solution Lead for solution in Project 15.09: Data Centre for virtual Centre in the context of Delegation of Airspace. Currently he is dealing with the PJ10.W2 Solution 93 Delegation of airspace amongst ATSU