Speaker Bio

Maurizio Paggetti

Chief Operating Officer, ENAV S.p.A.

Maurizio Paggetti was appointed Chief Operating Officer on July 2018, already Head of Air Navigation Service Directorate of ENAV since 2011. He began his career in the Italian Air Force as Air Traffic Control Officer (ITAF 5th Wing based at Rimini). He then joined ENAV in 1990 and worked as ATCO until 2003, completing his operational career at Roma Area Control Centre (ACC). He later became responsible for several Italian airports among which Napoli Capodichino and Roma Fiumicino; in 2010, he was nominated Head of Roma ACC. Heading up ENAV Air Navigation Service Directorate, he has managed inter alia the national program of regional airport reorganization, the Italian airspace restructuring including the introduction of Free Route operations in December 2016. He served as Member of the Network Manager Board (NMB) of BLUE MED – the Functional Airspace Block (FAB) Implementation Programme coordinated by ENAV with the participation of the Service Providers of the Mediterranean Area (DCAC-Cyprus, HCAA-Greece and MATS-Malta). He currently chairs the BLUE MED Steering Body (ANSP Committee). Internationally, he secures the active involvement of ENAV Air Navigation Service Directorate in key programs and partnerships mandated by international organizations and institutions (e.g. SESAR Deployment).