Speaker Bio

Matt Day

Airways International Ltd

Manager Aeronautical Information Management

Matt Day is the Head of Aeronautical Information Management for Aeropath, leading the team of aeronautical information specialists who deliver the Part 175 AIM function for New Zealand. This team is responsible for the AIP in New Zealand, geospatial services and the provision of data for airlines, air traffic control and third-party software applications across New Zealand and on behalf of several Pacific states. As the head of the AIM function, Matt manages several strategic relationships for Aeropath within the aeronautical information and data space, including those with the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority, New Zealand Defence Force and commercial operators. Matt is a regular speaker on the topics of SWIM and aviation information systems and has led the modernisation of the New Zealand Part 175 service, resulting in the development of modern SWIM capabilities of which Flight Advisor is an example. Matt has over 20 years’ experience in technology and management related fields spanning private and public sectors within New Zealand and offshore. Matt maintains a private pilot's licence, flying when time permits.