Speaker Bio

Kim Silander

Founder IBG A2M and Kookiejar of Sweden

Kim Silander is a Swedish citizen born in Hirvensalmi, Finland. He is the founder of Independent Business Group an infrastructure company and Kookiejar of Sweden AB, a company providing Vertiport as a Service within the Advanced Air Mobility sector enabling passenger and cargo deliveries using eVTOL (electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicles and drones. Kim has been active within the aviation sector since 1999 where he started his career in LFV (Swedish ANSP). After completing a Air Traffic Control Tower project in Beijing Capital Airport he joined EUROCONTROL Airport and Environment division in 2007 and as a result founded the company that now is IBG. 2020 IBG won a 130 million EUR deal to modernise Air Traffic Management infrastructure and the airspace for Qatar Civil Aviation Authorities. In 2021 he founded Kookiejar of Sweden AB a Vertiport Operations company. The company is active in Sweden and establishing presence in Dubai (UAE) and Monte-Carlo (Monaco) which is the international launch-market for the official platforms currently being developed in Sweden. Through both IBG and Kookiejar Kim is heavily involved in various activities related to infrastructure enabling Advanced Air Mobility solutions.