Speaker Bio

Jurgen Verstaen


Unifly co-founder

Jürgen is the co-founder and aviation expert at Unifly, focusing on sales and projects. His background as a military air traffic controller, led to a focus on ATM/AIS and AIP within the Belgian Air Component. Since 2012, he co-founded Flight Plus and took the role as senior consultant, to provide dedicated services to the manned and unmanned aviation sector. Jürgen gained experience in ATM info management and integrating UAS into the airspace. Together with a group of experts, he created the Belgian legislative framework for Unmanned Air Traffic. In 2015, Jürgen co-founded Unifly, based upon the Flight Plus UTM invention. Unifly develops the Unmanned Traffic Management System (UTMS), allowing management and integration of UAS on a recreational and professional basis. Unifly UTM is based on aviation standards and interoperable with existing ATM systems. After all that work, I do have hobbies, like cycling, walking and researching history/ancestries.

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