Speaker Bio

Jan-Eric Putze



Jan-Eric Putze holds a degree in banking and joined DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH as a consultant in 2007. From 2008 to 2013 he was responsible for the distribution, sales and logistics of aeronautical publications. In 2014 he took on a new position as company officer with statutory authority and head of operations at the DFS subsidiary R. Eisenschmidt GmbH. Subsequently, he was appointed managing director and held this position between 2016 and 2018 at R. Eisenschmidt GmbH. Since 1st January 2019, Jan-Eric Putze acts as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Droniq GmbH, a joint-venture between DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung and Deutsche Telekom. Droniq is responsible for the provision, distribution and commercialization of drone and other unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) related services in Europe. As President of the European initiative "Alliance for New Mobility Europe (AME)", which was founded in 2021, Jan-Eric Putze is also committed to the integration of drones in complex environments in Europe and promotes the development of a UAV market. He is also an active commercial pilot and passionate flight instructor in general aviation. Additional professional experience: Member of the executive board at a medium-sized aviation company headquartered in Friedrichshafen as well as managing director for a recruitment company in the aviation sector based in Luxemburg. Moreover, he managed the execution of technical client information projects as project-portfolio manager for a transaction bank based in Sossenheim/ Frankfurt.