Speaker Bio

Farid ZIZI

France Aviation Civile Services (FRACS)

Director France AViation Civile Services

Farid ZIZI is Administrator and Executive Director of France Aviation Civile Services (FRACS), the expertise and consultancy office of the French civil aviation. President of the ICAO Air Navigation Commission from 2014 to 2016, he was nominated by France in 2010 to the ICAO Air Navigation Commission and, among other activities, was very much involved in the development of the GANP and the GADSS. Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and ENAC in Toulouse as Civil Aviation Engineer, he holds a PPL Licence and was trained as an Air Traffic Controller and as an ATSEP. Before Montreal, Farid was ENAC Director for Education and Research and chairman of Eurocontrol Advisory Group for ATM training after having led ENAC development in ATM. Before ENAC, he has been in charge of operational and technical requirements and maintenance operations of ATM systems for French Airports and ACCs at the Operational Direction of DSNA, and began his career as Deputy Director of Bordeaux ACC