Speaker Bio

Fabrizio Fiori

Techno Sky, an enav group company

Responsabile/Head of Engineering - Techno Sky

Fabrizio Fiori is a telecommunications engineer and joined Techno Sky, an ENAV Group company, in 2008.
Since then, he has followed several projects in the field of Air Traffic Control, first as a systems engineer and later as a project manager.
His activities have focused on projects concerning the implementation of CNS/ATM systems and the evolution and digitalization of Techno Sky maintenance model.
In particular, since 2017, he has followed 2 strategic projects for the design and introduction of the new maintenance model based on the Technical Operations Center and for the implementation of a new information system dedicated to logistics, based on IBM Maximo® EAM, with the common goal of increasing effectiveness, efficiency and the already challenging levels of safety in maintenance operations, as well as increasing the ATC systems operational availability and raising the level of ATSEP personnel skills. In 2019 he was appointed head of the Maintenance Engineering depa