Speaker Bio

Didier Lucas

Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne (DSNA)

Expert in Airspace Management / Directorate of Operations

Didier LUCAS has been a French Air Traffic Controller since 1994. He has worked in Tower and Approach Paris-CDG Control Center for 23 years as controller, and Tower and Approach supervisor. Implied in Human Factors at its beginning in the late 90s, he participated in Team Research Management course definition. In 2007, he was appointed as CDM@CDG Programme Manager on the Air Navigation Service Provider side, oriented on Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM) processes with stakeholders, Approach supervisors and CDM officers implementation but also CDM-DMAN tool integration. Implied in capacity management, with Paris Airspace redesign RECAT EU implementation, he continued in airport efficiency projects, participated in Wake Turbulence operational studies with Eurocontrol and focused on Optimized Runway Delivery tools simulations and adaptation, as VTOL integration. He is now at Airspace Domain in charge of in charge of Green Operations coordinations and UTM operations.