Speaker Bio

Coleen Hawrysko


Director ATO International

Coleen Hawrysko currently serves as the Director of the Air Traffic Organisation’s (ATO) International Office, overseeing global engagement on behalf of the ATO to ensure a safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable global ATM system. ATO International ensures seamless operations and promotes harmonized international Air Traffic Management (ATM) standards by collaborating with international organizations, other Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP), and airlines in support of the FAA’s global leadership initiatives. Seconded to CANSO by the FAA from 2019 to 2021, Ms. Hawrysko led operations matters related to Air Traffic Management across CANSO and the air transport industry. She oversaw the strategic direction of CANSO’s operations programme, and managed the work programme of the Operations Standing Committee (OSC) and its 11 workgroups. She served as the focal point for CANSO on operations matters and coordinated with industry and regulatory organisations. She represented CANSO members on the ICAO Committee on Environmental Protection (CAEP), the ICAO Separation and Airspace Safety Panel (SASP), the ICAO ATM Operations Panel (ATMOPS), and the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan and Expert Group. Ms. Hawrysko’s FAA portfolio includes Group Manager of the Europe/Middle East/Africa Regions in the Air Traffic Organisations (ATO) International Office, Manager of the Oceanic/Offshore Standards and Procedures Group, Manager of Enroute Standards and Procedures Group, Group Manager of Safety Programs, Operational Front Line Manager and Air Traffic Control Specialist. During her time as the Manager of the Oceanic/Offshore Standards and Procedures Group, Ms. Hawrysko represented the U.S. as the member to the ICAO North Atlantic (NAT) Implementation Management Group (IMG) and the ICAO ATMOPS Panel.