Speaker Bio

Cédric Gonzalez


Product and Sales Director

Cédric Gonzalez holds an Engineering degree in Mobile Telecommunications. He started his career in 2000 as a design engineer of the Spectrum Management and Radio Planning Software developed by Cril Telecom Software. In October 2006 LS telcom AG acquired the business unit “Spectrum Management” of Cril Telecom Software and founded LS telcom SAS based in Paris, where Cédric has been in charge of France, Spain and Africa for the entire LS telcom product portfolio. In 2011, the LS telcom board offered him to initiate the new activity of drone-based radio frequency measurements within the new subsidiary Colibrex GmbH, based in Germany. As Product & Sales Director, Cédric has intensively contributed to the development of the NavAidDrone and has been participating to numerous measurements campaigns for several ANSPs.