Speaker Bio

Cate Bichara


Head Inclusion and Diversity

Cate is Head of Inclusion and Diversity, the Swiss ANSP. She has been involved in I&D for over 7 years. Until end 2021, she was the FABEC Social Dialogue Manager. She furthermore chaired the ATMANS.TEC and has been active in CANSO regarding EASA regulations. She is also currently heading up the project for ATCO competence and licensing for Skyguide's virtual centre. Cate is passionate about Inclusion and Diversity in all its dimensions and firmly believes that one it is essential for the sustainability of our industry. I&D can only thrive in a psychologically safe environment and Cate is researching this area, as well as bringing the concept of Just Culture into the office environment. Cate holds a Masters in social and educational sciences, a degree in transformational management and leadership, as well as an Air Traffic Controller licence.