Speaker Bio

Anaelle Le Mentec


UTM & Digital Solutions Product Line Manager

Anaelle is an experienced Product Line Manager at Thales, specialized in the aviation industry. With her double diploma in Aeronautics Engineering and Business, she started her career by defining the strategic orientation of an Electronic Flight Bag application for airline pilots. She developed a strong experience in process optimization of airlines through digital product replacing paper. She also led the development of a weather and flight optimization application to avoid turbulence and other weather hazards while reducing the fuel consumption by optimizing the take-off and cruise profiles. She now continues her work to support digitalization of processes for the benefits of Air Navigation Service Providers. She is responsible for the strategy of the UTM & ATC Optimization Product line within Thales. She truly believe that drones can bring social benefits to communities and be strong economic driver for job and value creation. With this role, she focuses on bringing the benefits of