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Submission deadline: Wednesday, 15th February 2023

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FREQUENTIS THEATRE: Delivering technologies for a safer world

Technology is critical to delivering new capabilities in an airspace ecosystem which is rapidly changing. This theatre will provide a showcase platform for the innovative solutions that deliver safety improvements, enhanced efficiencies, increased sustainability and capacity.  It will also consider the challenges of application and potential solutions, most critically what might be done to speed up implementation.

We welcome submissions from organisations who have something to contribute to this debate.  We are looking to those who wish to share ideas and concrete examples of implementation of new and emerging technologies to address these issues, including but not limited to digital tower technology, service-oriented architecture, virtual platforms, considerations for cyber security, considerations for the digital backbone and creating resilience through technology and technological design.

WING THEATRE: Delivering an integrated airspace for the future

The airspace of the future will have to host new generations of users: from autonomous drones and eVTOL taxis at lower level to high-altitude platforms, supersonic airliners and space tourist vehicles higher up. All these new users will need to be integrated within more digital, automated ATM frameworks relying on waves of new technologies and procedures.

Designing the evolution of the current ATM system to a future global, harmonised, digital ATM architecture in order to safely integrate this diverse set of users is one of the most difficult but exciting challenges facing the industry today.

We are seeking submissions from organisations in sectors including space, urban air mobility, drone delivery and surveillance, un-crewed traffic management (UTM), eVTOL, vertiports and others, willing to share their thoughts on how this evolution can be managed.  Topics might include, but are not limited to, what an end-state might look like, how autonomy can be safely introduced and how the relationship between airspace users and ATM organisations should evolve to meet the demands of the future.

FABEC OPS THEATRE: Delivering future operations

It is not just technology that will deliver future airspace requirements but also changes to concepts of operations and the way in which airspace is structured, managed and the services that are delivered to the airspace user.

We are seeking submissions from those able to contribute to this debate.  We are specifically interested to hear from the global community on issues such as the way in which airspace in being structured to make journeys quicker, cleaner and quieter e.g. Performance based navigation, airspace modernisation, managing arrivals and flexible use of airspace.

We are also seeking proposals on a wide variety of operational topics and issues that drive business on a day-to-day basis ranging from, but not limited to, case studies that share best practice and operational expertise.  Examples might be cross-border initiatives and collaborative arrangements which support new operations and procedures, methodologies for improving resilience to unexpected events, initiatives to improve traffic flow management, cyber security, how traffic forecasts might be bettered and how military/civil operations might be improved on a day-to-day basis.  Presentations should highlight achievements and address areas of particular complexity that seek to improve the overall passenger experience.

SUSTAINABILITY THEATRE: Delivering a sustainable future

Making aviation more sustainable is essential to securing the future of our industry and our planet. Having committed to achieving net zero emissions in 2050 it is critical that the aviation industry start taking tangible actions to minimise emissions as new technologies and fuels continue to be developed.  Improving the efficiency in our skies in order to reduce aviation’s impact on the environment must be a priority of the ATM community. Presentations at this theatre will explore what can be done to pragmatically improve environmental performance in the near and mid-term.

We are seeking submissions regarding technologies, procedures and operational practices that can contribute to reducing aviation’s climate and environmental impact.

Request to speak – Application Guidelines

Speaking slots at Airspace World are chargeable. There are 2 types, a 25 minute session charged at €812+ VAT or a 50 minute session, charged at €1232+ VAT.

The application process to speak requires you to provide the following:

  • Proposed speaker information (business title, bio and photo)
  • Company information
  • Subject matter(s) your business focuses on and geographic area of work
  • Submission of a working title with an abstract
  • Submission of any supporting documents
  • Contact details
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