What’s stopping us? Large scale UAV and BVLOS operations by those already doing it.


Wednesday 8 March

11:30, 50 minutes



Delivering an integrated airspace for the future

Session Overview

UAV and BVLOS have been “the future” for many years now, with many hours of debate and discussion centred on how we might achieve operations. Discussion often centres around what work needs to be done to achieve large scale operations and what obstacles are in our way. The fact is that there are already operators who have achieved hundreds of thousands of UAV/BVLOS flights and who are already operating at scale. This panel will talk to operators who are already at scale, those who are on the cusp of achieving scale, and those whose business model is already working. They will share their experiences of how they got to where they are and what more needs to be done to allow others to achieve the same scale worldwide. Zipline have made over 500,000 deliveries by drone, flying nearly 40M miles. HHLA Sky have developed an award winning scalable drone system capable of controlling more than 100 BVLOS drones at once. NUAIR is a New York-based nonprofit which manages the FAA-designated New York UAS Test Site, New York’s UAS Corridor and is part of the consortium delivering the world’s first international AAM corridor between the US and Canada.

Session Speakers

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