Virtualisation: Towards resilient and flexible operations


Wednesday 8 March

13:30, 60 minutes


SESAR Showcase Theatre

Session Overview

What started out as a solution to make small and regional airports more viable, has now transitioned into a family of remote tower solutions that are blending a range of technologies, including augmented reality. This session and accompanying tour will present the latest SESAR remote tower innovations. It will also look at the virtual centres, a solution aimed at decoupling data services from physical air traffic service units (ATSUs).

Multiple remote towers, the future of aerodrome operations?
Györgyi Balogh, Indra

Augmented reality tools to innovate interaction modes in the tower
Ramona Santarelli, ENAV

Digital remote tower, multiple remote tower centres
Niclas Gustavsson, SAAB

Delegation of air traffic management services within a virtual centre environment
Maurizio Romano, ENAV
Philippe Leplae, EUROCONTROL

Moderated by Juan Rodriguez Poveda, SESAR 3 JU

Followed by walking Tour at 14:30

Delegation of air traffic services cross-border Swiss & German airspaces combined with different virtual centre architectures
Saïd Tabti, Skyguide
Skyguide #G10

Virtual/augmented reality applications for tower
Sara Bagassi, University of Bologna

Digital technologies for tower - challenges & opportunities for the future
Jörn Jakobi, DLR
DLR # E19

Digital remote tower, multiple remote tower centres
Per Ahl, SAAB

This tour will be guided by Juan Rodriguez Poveda, SESAR 3 JU

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