Very Large Demonstrations of Advanced Air Mobility – AMU-LED Project


Friday 10 March

11:30, 30 minutes



Delivering a sustainable future

Session Overview

AMU-LED is one of the first two European Commission SESAR Projects focused on very large-scale demonstration projects. In this presentation, we will provide insight on the AMU-LED first demonstration which took place at June 2022 focused on co-simulation and co-testing involving more than 100 movements in a 45 minute span including manned aircraft, Urban Air Mobility devices and UAVs. As such, the proposed airspace segmentation and a series of U-Space Services were demonstrated in an integrated but decentralized ATM/UTM architecture including automated capacity-demand balancing and strategic deconfliction using AI-based algorithms. In addition to proving feasibility of some of the concepts and the solutions, the tests also provided insight on areas that still need extensive improvement including ATM/UTM integration and Common Information Services.

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