Unified aeronautical communications – Beyond voice


Wednesday 8 March

15:00, 25 minutes



Delivering technologies for a safer world

Session Overview

Frequentis realises the seamless and harmonised communications between controllers and pilots, regardless of technological boundaries: we integrate verbal and non-verbal communication in a unified solution. Frequentis communications technology is open to any underlying infrastructure or network technology, from classical VHF up to satellite broadband link or other future systems.
The combination of automation systems like PRISMA, TowerPad, and the IT-based communication system X10, integrated in the common MosaiX platform, opens a new dimension to make technological change easy and transparent.
Frequentis unified aeronautical communication boosts usability and effectiveness while reducing cognitive load and errors.
In this talk we will explain the basic idea behind Unified Aeronautical Communications, explain use cases and with Speech Recognition we will also highlight one specific feature with our guest Speaker from Austro Control – what is the use case behind it, what are the expectations and what are the aims to be achieved.

Alexander Neuhaus- Strategic Product Manager - Frequentis
Christian Kern- Director of Operations- Austro Control

Session Speakers

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