U-space: From concept to operations


Friday 10 March

10:45, 60 minutes


SESAR Showcase Theatre

Session Overview

One of the main hurdles facing urban air mobility is the safe integration of drones into low-level airspace without impacting conventional air traffic operations. The AURA project developed a very large-scale demonstration connecting both ATM and U-space using system wide information management (SWIM) - an existing SESAR Solution. The main objective of this project is to create a collaborative information exchange environment between U-space and ATM systems. With this aim, the project consortium has validated this concept through several operational scenarios in different European countries. This session provide visitors with insights into this projects.

A novel ATM U-space Interface
Manuel Martinez Lopez, INDRA

Integrating ATM & U-space worlds: ATM and U-space operating safely through SWIM middleware
Manuel Martinez Lopez, INDRA

Feasibility of ATM U-space interface in emergency management operations
Giovanni Riccardi, ENAV
Antonio Strano, Leonardo

ATM and U-space safe operations thanks to DAR management
Manuel Martinez Lopez, INDRA

Deconfliction strategies during a dynamic airspace re-configuration in fast-time safety simulation
Alvaro Sainz Carreno, Airbus

Assessing the Impact of UAS contingencies on ATC Operations in ATM-U-space shared airspace
Jürgen Teuscht, Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre - NLR
Moderated by Robin Garrity, SESAR 3 JU

Followed by walking tour at 11:45

Intercity autonomous flight (Sweden)
Billy Josefsson, LFV
(Unifly) #J35

Driving technology to advance safety and efficiency of autonomous aviation
Jurgen Verstaen, Unifly
Unifly #J35

UAM logistic operations in U-space distributed architecture
Marta Sánchez Cidoncha, ENAIRE
(Unifly) #J35

eVTOL flight experience at Cochstedt Airport, simulating Frankfurt
Henk Hesselink, DLR
(NLR+DLR) #E19

Medical cargo transportation from suburban to urban area in u-space with ATM/UTM coordination
Giovanni Riccardi, ENAV

Tactical deconfliction for state aircraft
Didier Decaestecker, Skeydrone
skeyes #H4

This tour will be guided by Giancarlo Ferrara, EUROCONTROL

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