Traffic complexity tool improving Airspace efficiency – Digital NOTAM SWIM for a seamless b2b data exchange


Thursday 9 March

13:30, 25 minutes



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Session Overview

To meet these objectives, processes, and tools, including those already established for local systems and EAD , IDS AIRNAV wish to support the acceleration of the digitalisation of aeronautical information and the provision of SWIM AIM services based on the objective of CP1 within the digitalization of aeronautical information and its availability via harmonized and interoperable SWIM services.
CP1 has the objective of enabling that aeronautical information becomes available in a digital form, also ensuring an increased level of interoperability and quality assurance. Notably local AISP systems, and EAD are expected to undergo digitalisation and data completeness efforts to meet the expectations of CP1 in support of AF 3.1.1 and as intermediary step towards the implementation of AF 5.1.3 SWIM Services and AF 4.3 - automated support for traffic complexity assessment
The IDS AIRNAV solution provide contributes to accelerate the establishment of a common reference of harmonised quality-assured, interoperable and digital aeronautical information for the European network stakeholders. Data originators (e.g., Airports) providing in time and updated aeronautical information are also beneficiary of digitalization and automation to the over all data chain.
Aeronautical information is exchanged over SWIM services AISPs, airports and ANSPs are required by CP1 to provide and/or consume of AIFS, aerodrome mapping and digital NOTAM services. EAD is also required by CP1 to implement SWIM services as specified in AF 5.1.3, in support of AF3 flexible use of airspace and free route management. AISPs may benefit from the SWIM capabilities of EAD to fulfil the expectations of CP1 AF 5.1.3 for the provision of AIFS, Aerodrome Mapping and Digital NOTAM services. The provision and consumption of these services by stakeholders as mandated in CP1 (AISPs, ANSPs, airports) is an integral part of the solution and will ensures aeronautical data is in a digital form and av

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