Resilience in Operations


Wednesday 8 March

11:45, 70 minutes



Delivering future operations

Session Overview

ANSP face a constant series of disruptions and shocks, and it seems that continuously changing requirements have become the new normal. It is not surprising therefore the buzz word resilience has become a topic high on the agenda, although most of the discourse centres around finance. In the meantime, OPS are putting in increasingly amounts of effort to keep air traffic control running. Several operational activities address aspects such as staffing, rostering, (virtual) training, obtaining licenses and qualifications, closure due to severe weather and protecting against cyber-attacks on operational systems. In recent years, OPS has developed numerous effective solutions here, some of which have led to good experiences, while others have not been sustainable.

Based on their immediate experiences, panellists will discuss the areas which require special attention, and those which are not so important. They will share their best practices and lessons learned – with the aim of being more prepared for upcoming challenges and disruptions.

Session Speakers

Subject Areas