Reducing ATM’s environmental footprint


Thursday 9 March

13:45, 45 minutes


SESAR Showcase Theatre

Session Overview

SESAR is seeking to bring about a digital transformation in ATM, developing technological solutions that can deliver a “perfect flight” in terms of carbon emissions reduction and that can create a fully connected airspace. This involves advancing innovative solutions to enhance arrivals, departures and runway throughput, as well as to ensure free routing and smoother traffic flows. The session will give visitors a real taste of the validation and demonstration work undertaken, which has paved the way for the implementation of some solutions that are already bringing benefits.

Climate optimised trajectories
Sigrun Matthes and Patrick Peter, DLR

Green taxi solutions
Max Davidse, Royal Schiphol Group

Advanced engine off navigation
Mathieu Cousy, ENAC

Hydrogen power supply for radar station
Philippe Panabiére, DSNA

Moderated by Olivia Nunez, SESAR 3 JU

Session Speakers

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