OPENING SESSION: Delivering an integrated airspace for the future


Wednesday 8 March

10:30, 50 minutes



Delivering an integrated airspace for the future

Session Overview

The airspace of the future will have to host new generations of users: from autonomous drones and eVTOL taxis at a lower level to high-altitude platforms, supersonic airliners and space tourist vehicles higher up. All these new users will need to be integrated within more digital, automated ATM frameworks relying on waves of new technologies and procedures.

Designing the evolution of the current ATM system to a future global, harmonised, digital ATM architecture in order to safely integrate this diverse set of users is one of the most difficult but exciting challenges facing the industry today. This opening panel will consider a range of subjects including whether airspace should be integrated or segregated, what new vehicles will be entering the airspace and when, how ANSPs might need to adapt to provide more automated and digital services, the benefits and challenges of introducing autonomy to the flight deck and ops room and what new airspace users might expect of their ATM/UTM service supplier.

Session Speakers

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