Resilient infrastructure to deliver an integrated airspace for the future


Wednesday 8 March

15:30, 25 minutes



Delivering technologies for a safer world

Session Overview

Skills shortages, evolving cyber threats, the aftermath of a global pandemic and the aviation industry’s commitment to be carbon neutral in 2050 pose great challenges for air navigation service providers. At the same time, safety and security are non-negotiable and operations needs to remain efficient and flexible in order to cope with continuous cost pressure. One possible answer to these challenges lies in rapid technological advances and ongoing digitalization of the aviation sector. In this panel discussion, industry experts will share best practices and explore how future technologies will increase the efficiency and resilience of airspace operations.

► Asia-Pacific: How a nationwide IP based voice communications system increases resilience against natural disasters

► Central Europe: How mobile ATC radio systems can be quickly deployed by helicopter in a challenging geographical environment / How virtual center technology improves the operational efficiency of air traffic control operations

► Northern Europe: How trusted partnerships with key technology providers can foster industry collaboration and overcome skills shortages in order to implement future operational concepts

► Rohde & Schwarz: How emerging technologies such as 5G, LDACS and UTM will further enhance critical infrastructure operations

Session Speakers

Subject Areas