OPENING SESSION: A perfect storm for ATM operations? CANSO and FABEC open industry discussions on future operations


Wednesday 8 March

11:00, 45 minutes



Delivering future operations

Session Overview

Air navigation service provider (ANSPs) operational staff are currently facing some of the most daunting challenges in the industry’s history.

A volatile and unpredictable traffic recovery; a war in Ukraine which is changing the traffic patterns in complex and busy airspace areas; new and growing pressures to find more environmentally responsible routes; a disruptive digital technology revolution underway; and rafts of new airspace users about to take to the air (from electric air taxis at airports to drones at 60,000ft) have created what-seems-like a perfect storm for many of the continent’s airspace managers.

In this opening session of the FABEC Ops theatre: Delivering Future Operations, Alex Bristol, Chair of the CANSO Executive Committee and CEO, skyguide will give an overview of the latest developments in operations globally focusing on actual implementation of new technology and thus the delivery of future operations.

Claudio Clori , Chair of the FABEC CEO Board and Director ANA, Luxembourg will complement this with a more focused look at the changing situation in European airspace , the strategic priorities for the industry and what is being done to facilitate the needs of the aviation sector .

CANSO and FABEC have jointly developed a range of expert presentations and discussions featuring subjects critical to the enhanced delivery of ATM services, from building resilience into operations, new technologies, workforce issues and protecting critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks. The two CEOs will set the context for the discussions that follow.

Session Speakers

Subject Areas