Improving future ATM operations’ resilience to cyber-attacks with Artificial Intelligence


Friday 10 March

11:00, 25 minutes



Delivering technologies for a safer world

Session Overview

As the ATM domain increases its dependence on networks and IT technologies, protection of critical ATM and ATC infrastructures against malevolent acts in the cyberworld has become a crucial challenge. EUROCONTROL’s European ATM Computer Emergency Response Team is leading, alongside with national cybersecurity centres, the development and promotion of cyber security tools, procedures and know-how. Reinforcing the cyber-resilience of Europe’s ATM system will reduce the disruptive impact of cyber-attacks on operations in one of the World’s densest airspace. In particular, EUROCONTROL develops an AI based application using Federated Learning approach to:
- improve the capability to attribute a cyber-attack, and
- proactively get prepared for future cyber-attacks conducted by the same groups using the same techniques.
The benefits of deploying an AI federated learning approach will span beyond cyber-security as this approach can be applied to other fields of aviation where sharing of sensitive data is an obstacle to developing AI applications supporting operational improvements.

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