How transitions of ATC Systems can be executed succesfully and fast.


Wednesday 8 March

13:00, 25 minutes



Delivering technologies for a safer world

Session Overview

Bahrain Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA), DFS Aviation Services Bahrain, DFS Aviation Services GmbH and Indra did implement a new air traffic management system in Bahrain digitalizing Bahrain’s skies and doubles the country’s flight management capacity all together as one team. On November 5th 2022 at 07:30 pm UTC, the new state of the art Indra Air Automation System went live at Bahrain Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) facilities smooth and without any interruptions. The team conducted a transition pre-planning phase with operational trials and operator training to address the rapid and safe transition to the new system before going live with this most advanced air traffic management solution on the market. The new control center will enhance the safety and fluidity of aircraft movements throughout the Arabian Peninsula and on key global aviation routes. This presentation / speaker slot will outline how this was achieved without any interruption: Deep trust, mutual respect and one joint and very clear goal given to four companies from three different countries with expertise by highly motivated male and female colleagues from 16 different nationalities tailored into one upmost motivated high-performance team where collaboration is the baseline and key to everything. This condition in combination with the great willingness of walking the extra mile whatever it takes are real collaboration whilst a pragmatic and supportive attitude nourish that spirit: first in – last out. Practical and real-life examples will underline the importance of this project approach in combination with lessons learnt for our European environment.

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