Higher Airspace Operations


Thursday 9 March

13:00, 25 minutes



Delivering an integrated airspace for the future

Session Overview

We are currently facing a new era for aviation, and the speed of change and rate of innovation will be faster in the years than they have been in the last decades. To safely accommodate all airspace users in our sky will require new ways of thinking and increased collaboration.
In addition to drones and air taxis for Urban/Advanced Air Mobility, we are seeing an increase in emerging airspace users looking to exploit new commercial opportunities also from very high level.

Higher Airspace Operations (HAO) include all those operations (HAPS, supersonic and hypersonic flights, suborbital flights, aero-launching and vertical launching into orbit, and re-entry from orbit) which are carried out in the higher airspace, namely above the flight levels where traditional aircraft are controlled today, but not yet in outer space.

The panel will discuss the different approaches to higher airspace concept which are being developed.

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