Global Reporting Format (GRF) and cdm@DSNA Portal: to make aviation safer


Thursday 9 March

13:00, 25 minutes



Delivering future operations

Session Overview

A wet runway is the first cause of runway excursion on landing and take-off. Since November 4, 2021, the airport manager is required to regularly assess the runway conditions. ICAO has harmonized and standardized the format (GRF) of this reporting worldwide.
To support the implementation of GRF, DSNA has committed to offer airports an harmonised way of collecting Runway Conditions Reports at French airports and distributing the information to Air Traffic Services, as well as offering a simple solution to publish the related SNOWTAM messages.
Developed as an extension to the pre-existing cdm@DSNA web portal, the services are available through a user-friendly interface, minimising the risks of mistakes and harmonising content. In addition, a B2B connexion is allowing direct exchange with airports IT systems when the process needs to be integrated in their own tools.
Widely adopted across French airports, it is today more than 130 airports (metropolitan and overseas) that are using the cdm@DSNA Portal GRF services, including 116 airports being directly able to publish their SNOWTAM messages via a direct connexion to the Eurocontrol EAD (European Aeronautical Database).

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Aeronautical Management Systems
Meteorological Equipment Services