Extended ground inspection using drone technology for measurements of terrestrial navigation signals – Product launch of new R&S®EVSD1000


Thursday 9 March

15:30, 25 minutes



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Session Overview

For over 20 years, Rohde & Schwarz has used its unrivaled experience with F receivers to provide state-of-the-art testing solutions for ground based navigation installations. Rode & Schwarz customers around the world use the R&S®EVSG1000 and R&S°EVSF1000 for fast, accurate and ICAO compliant measurements of ground and flight inspection applications.

ICAO DOC 8071 Volume I (Testing of ground based radio navigation systems, 5th edition, 2018) mentions PAS and UAVs for ground inspection tasks. As drones become more and more powerful, there is growing interest in drone based measurement systems all over the world. It is obvious that drone based measurements have clear advantages and can be performed from any position and at higher altitudes than traditional ground based measurements. For example, drone solutions make it easy to perform far-field GP measurements with better reproducibility and improved correlation with flight inspections. Additionally, drone measurement systems are very cost-competitive relative to traditional GP mast solutions.

Drone inspection requires more than just a drone and a receiver: A small and light antenna, a permanent data link to the ground, very precise and lightweight GNSS, and robust immunity to RF interferers inside and outside the drone are also needed, along with low weight and reasonable battery life.

Based on experience with the R&S°EVSG1000 and R&S°EVSF1000, Rode & Schwarz is now introducing a receiver for drone based measurements: the new R&S°EVSD1000. Even though it is much lighter, it still offers the same performance as the ground and flight inspection models for ILS, VOR and GBAS analysis. Integrated data and IQ recording enable even more detailed analysis, revealing more than just level and DDM values. GNSS and datalink solutions are also available, together with a drone-dedicated antenna and guidelines for smooth integration.

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Ground-based Navigation Aids