Enabling initial Urban Air Mobility operations


Thursday 9 March

12:00, 50 minutes



Delivering an integrated airspace for the future

Session Overview

Electric air taxis, also called electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs), will soon be operational. These low-emission aircraft will deliver on-demand urban flights at a more affordable price point. Trips across the city will be quick and easy. As demand for urban air mobility (UAM) grows, new investment will bring more jobs and economic opportunities.

Transforming this vision into reality will require more than just a new type of aircraft. It will require an integrated and scalable ecosystem that helps aviation authorities navigate infrastructure, regulations, technologies, airspace design, and aircraft types so that they can all scale together over time.

The need for a fit-for-purpose ATM system to support initial operations and growth (which will come quickly) is critical for delivering a sustainable business case for UAM.

This presentation will provide the latest, contemporary information on Eve’s recent progress on Urban Air Traffic Management to enable the introduction and scaling of UAM operations. We will provide an overview of Eve’s insights from our recent work across the Americas, Europe and Asia with ANSPs, Regulators and Industry in preparation for the launch of UAM.

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