Digital AIM Products – Route for successful implementation


Thursday 9 March

12:30, 25 minutes



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Session Overview

Believe it or not, in the current era of data and technology, paper-based products are still officially used in the aviation world. Clearly, automation and digitalization reduces significantly the risks associated to the lack of understanding and interpretation of the information, including Aeronautical Information.

In 2018 ICAO released two important documents: a revised version of Annex 15 and a new PANS-AIM Document. These documents were developed and published with the main intention of shifting from traditional AIS Products creation towards the provision of Digital Data Sets by proposing a gradual replacement of some parts of the current conventional products with digital ones.

Furthermore, the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan, airspace users and the aviation industry in general are also heavily demanding the provision and availability of quality assured Aeronautical Data for proper processing and use in a seamless way.

Many efforts have been made since then in terms of coding rules and harmonization guidance for the provision of Digital Data Sets using the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) and in addition an updated specification for the provision of Digital NOTAM is also about to be released. It is now time to start defining a successful roadmap for a new era in Aeronautical Information with the provision of Digital AIM Products.

Be kindly invited to our presentation and clarify with us all the concerns and doubts you may have in regards to new AIM Digital Data Products and how to successfully implement them in your organization.

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