Data-driven services: A pathway to sustainability


Wednesday 8 March

16:45, 45 minutes


SESAR Showcase Theatre

Session Overview

Data is at the heart of modern ATM and is seen as a key enabler for boosting performance in all areas, not least the environment. The session will showcase the range of ways data has been harnessed by SESAR projects. These include new functionalities to make climb and descent operations more efficient, systems to monitor and predict natural hazards. Explainable artificial intelligence and automation will also be the focus of the session.

Anticipating severe hazards
Manuel Soler, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Reducing the environmental footprint of arrival flights
Fethi Abdelmoula, DLR

Seamless travel benefits from contractual agreements between service providers
Ismini Stroumpou, Sparsity Technologies

Identifying the principal elements behind trust in artificial intelligence
Jose Manuel Cordero, CRIDA

Moderated by Luca Crecco, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking

Session Speakers

Subject Areas